Private Dog Training

1 Hour


5 Hours

  • No matter how many sessions you book, your BabyDog trainer will be a resource and coach for you and your dog for life.  They will help you get through any challenge you encounter and make sure you feel confident moving forward. 
  • You will meet with your trainer at a convenient location for you, and a time that fits your schedule.
  • In one hour your trainer will be able to assess your situation and make sure you have the basic information you need to get started on your own.  This is a great way to be sure you are going in the right direction with your pup if you want to train them on your own or deal with just one challenge you have come across.
  • In five hours your trainer will help you understand the basics of how dogs learn, teach you and your dog basic obedience such as impulse control, sit, down, stay, how to walk on a leash and recall!


Although we specialize in Puppy Behavior we do train dogs of any age. No matter how old your dog is, don’t hesitate to call.  We can help.

You’ll save money and stress, in the long run, your dog will learn faster and form better habits, and you’ll prevent behavior problems by training your dog now instead of later.

Practice makes permanent.  Learn the foundation of what it takes to train your dog to listen to you, respect you and also learn what your puppy needs from you in order to feel fulfilled.  If your dog has problematic behavior, like pulling on the leash, jumping, biting, showing aggression to other animals, begging, or excessive barking, now is the time to get help.

With Private Training, learn skills with a professional trainer.  Have the focused quality time where the trainer can guide you through the process of learning exactly what to do and say in order to have your pup understand what you want.


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