Outdoor Group Socialization Walk

Every Sunday (except Holiday weekends)


All year long, rain or shine.  Starting at 1:00pm @ a new location each week

Open to dogs of all ages however many young puppies attend so friendly dogs only, or if there is a chance of aggression please have them muzzled.

No need to pre-register, this is a drop in program, just show up!
Must be vaccinated to attend as this is an outdoor walk.

New location each Sunday, see below for details.

How it Works
During this one hour walk, you will participate with your pup while being guided by a qualified trainer!  We walk as a big pack of people and dogs, we get some exercise, we help our dogs learn to walk calmly around other dogs and we have fun with obedience training games while we go!
Every Sunday the location changes so we continue to explore great locations together.  Please scroll down to the bottom of this page or check out our Schedule Page for weekly Sunday walk locations.

These walks allow you to work on your dogs obedience skills while out and about in new places, with new distractions, other dogs and other people. The more exposure your dog has to different environments while training and socializing, the more you will strengthen your bond with your pup as well as strengthen your dogs obedience and social skills.  We strive to create guided opportunities for you and your pup to learn together,and help you build the confidence and trust you need so that you can take them anywhere.

You can find weekly updates, schedule and photos of the pack walks at Baby Dog Canada on Facebook


  • All friendly dogs welcome, no age limit, please note that we have a lot of young puppies attending these walks and so your dog must be safe around young pups or muzzled if there is any risk of reactivity or aggression.
  • Each dog must have it’s own handler.  So if you are coming with two dogs for example, you must have a second person to walk the second dog.
  • Please bring weather appropriate clothing, water for you and your dog, cell phone, leash (no flexi leashes please) and collar (with ID tags). And don’t forget some poop bags.
  • Safety: Please keep dogs at least 5-10 feet apart when you first arrive as temperaments and excitement levels cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please refrain from pulling out toys or treats when close to any other dog as to avoid any resource guarding aggression.




1 Dog
$10.00 plus tax ($10.50)

2 Dogs from same house hold
$15.00 plus tax ($15.75)

If you wish to attend any of our indoor or outdoor socialization programs including our Socialization Group Walks we
ask that you please fill out our Socialization Waiver



October 15th
1:00pm @ Cattle Point and Uplands Park
Meet at the Corner of Scenic Drive and Beach Drive

October 22nd
1:00pm @ Centennial Park, meeting at the upper parking lot by the Lacrosse Court area.
Turn onto Hovey Rd and turn left at the end into the park.

October 29th
1:00pm walk the Ed Nixon Trail, meeting at Langford Lake Beach Park, there is a parking lot on Leigh Place just before the beach or you can also park along Langford Parkway.  If you get lost search for The Canadian Rugby Union, the beach is right in front of it.

November 5th
1:00pm @ Silver City Cinema behind Tillicum Mall.  If you are facing the cinema we will meet at the little grassy area to your right , we will walk through the trails of Cuthbert Holmes Park

November 12th
Stat holiday, no walk this weekend.

November 19th
1:00pm at Esquimalt Gorge Park off Tillicum Road (the larger Gorge Park also known as Kinsmen Gorge Park)

November 26th
1:00 @ East Side of Mount Douglas
Meet at the Mount Douglas main parking located along Churchill Drive

December 3rd
1:00pm @ Layritz Park, meet at the main parking lot at the very end of Layritz Avenue.  Turning off Wilkinson Rd. on to Glyn Rd, and right on to Layritz Avenue.

December 10th
1:00pm @ Rithets Bog, Access via Chatterton Way
Meet on the corner of Chatterton way and Dalewood Lane

December 17th
1:00pm @ Beacon Hill Park
Meet by the entrance to the Petting Zoo

December 24th
No walk today, Merry Xmas!