**Currently on Hold**
Small Dog Socialization

Our socialization program for small breed dogs of ALL ages will be back!  We’re taking a break but in the meantime check out our weekly social/training walk for dogs of all ages, stages and sizes on Fridays!

It all started when…

A really small breed puppy such as a chihuahua or a shitzu would attend our regular puppy socialization classes and wanted to socialize with the other pups but was just so small that it was too risky and scary for them.

Or someone would tell us that they had an older dog that loved to play but since it was a small dog it was too scary to go to a dog park due to the risk of being trampled. 

So we have created a socialization program for dogs that are small. Any age, no weight limit, just for the smaller guys and girls that get intimidated by the bigger dogs.

What to bring:

  • 4-6 foot leash, collar/harness, high-value treats.

Please note:

No aggressive dogs allowed.  If your dog struggles with aggression or reactivity please contact us about training and behaviour modification.  We can help you work towards being able to participate in a class like this. 

Important Information

  • This program is outdoors, rain or shine (although if the weather is extreme then we will cancel and transfer your credit to a future class) 
  • Dogs will be on leash with their owners responsible for them
  • We will go for a walk together, and practice different activities to get them comfortable being around each other and learning to exist peacefully and calmly in a new and distracting environment. 
  • This is not a playgroup, it is a structured program where you will be helping your dog feel calm and confident around other leashed dogs. 
  • Please maintain 10 feet of distance between all dogs, temperaments and energy levels cannot be guaranteed.
  • If you’ve never attended any of our programs before you will need to bring proof of your pup’s vaccines (two rounds of booster vaccines minimum) as well as the kennel cough vaccine (Bordetella).    
  • 24 hour cancellation policy in effect

Contact us to book a Board & Train!

Our board and train has limited availability. Once you’ve submitted the form below our Master Trainer Dave Tomey will be in touch with more information, and to make sure our service is the right fit foryour dog.