Due to recent Parvo Virus outbreaks in the Sooke area, we have consulted with various local veterinary clinics and we are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of your pups.

Puppies attending any of our group programs (socialization, training and pack walks) must now have minimum two sets of vaccines.

New Puppies must provide proof of minimum two sets of vaccines in order to participate. 

This is for the safety of your puppy.  If you have questions about this please contact your veterinarian.

If your puppy has shown any signs of diarrhea or vomiting or lethargy please do not bring them around other puppies!

Thank you.

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Get your puppy the training they need now in order to instill good habits. Puppy training is the best way to raise a happy, social, and confident dog to join you in all life’s adventures.

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We first met Aviva when we attended a Baby Dog socialization class with Fig, our boisterous lab puppy. Surrounded by puppies of every size and disposition, Aviva was clearly in her element. Since then, Aviva has helped us to work with Fig in so many ways and we have learned so much from her. We are indebted to Aviva’s calm, intuitive, knowledgeable, and skilled advice and have recommended Baby Dog to everyone we know when a puppy joins their household. Actually, we have recommended Aviva to perfect strangers when we meet their puppy! Aviva can help you through the most challenging of puppy behaviours and make sure you and your puppy create the bonds you hoped for when you made the decision to bring a puppy into your home. Linda and Davyd, owners of Fig

From our very first socialization class, our 9-week-old Otter knew Ruth was a safe person and she has loved her to pieces ever since! We were lucky enough to train with Ruth through Otter’s early puppyhood and we still see the benefits of that training: Otter, now fifteen months, has great recall, focus and absolutely LOVES tricks and games! We still use the techniques and training we learned from Ruth regularly, and Otter consistently follows our commands and hand signals. The best part is that we have solid communication with our dog. 

Julia Owner of Otter

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