Raise a Dog You Can Take Anywhere

We all dream about having that perfect dog: well-behaved, loves to travel, and is the right combination of respectful and friendly.

However, raising the perfect dog isn’t as easy as it seems. Puppies are rambunctious and have short attention spans (as you’ve likely noticed!). Just like young children, they need to be nurtured and given the right amount of constructive feedback in order for them to grow up well-behaved.

You want a dog you can take anywhere and who you can trust in any given situation, with young children, and other dogs. At BabyDog, we provide gentle and effective training techniques and help to socialize your puppy so they’re comfortable around other dogs and people.

Puppy Trainers

We are certified, licensed, insured and DogSafe Canine First Aid Certified. We have years of experience working with dogs. We know no 2 dogs are alike. Every new puppy presents a new challenge, and that is why we love what we do!

“Aviva has been such an incredible and transformational force within our lives. As a single mother with two small kids and a puppy, I have needed a lot of help from her — and she has always delivered more than expected. One of the most beneficial lessons she has taught me is about dog psychology and learning more about the canine brain— through her work with us, she has actually sparked a passion within me to do extensive research into this to learn more about how our canine family member works and thinks. She has been a constant and consistent support for me in raising my puppy, while teaching me redirecting and reprogramming techniques to aid in both his and my development as we grow together. I have learned so much about how training is about the consistency and commitment of the owner, and not a reflection of the dog or breed. I, at one point, felt hopeless with the behaviours going on with our little dog, but she instilled a confidence in me and it has been incredible to watch his transformation after I changed MY attitude about it. I can not thank Aviva enough for the time and support she has provided to me, as well as the incredibly useful information she has taught me about not only my dog but myself as his owner as well. I would highly recommend her — her passion and love for dogs will be so apparent to you through her knowledge and presence. You won’t be disappointed!”

Ashley, owner of Joey

Aviva Shtull, Owner and Lead Trainer at BabyDog

In the early 2000’s Aviva lived in Mexico and was devastated by the often horrendous conditions that local dogs were living in.  She very quickly started taking dogs into her home, nursing them back to both physical and mental health and then finding them loving homes. This started a journey of now 15 years of helping support canines no matter where she lives.  Community education, rehabilitation, socialization, fostering, spay and neuter campaigns and much more.

Having fostered well over 30 rescued dogs herself, personally adopting three of them and finding loving homes for the rest she cannot think of a better career than helping owners of new puppies start off on the right foot. Helping educate new dog owners, providing safe opportunities for dogs to socialize, and training their families and the dogs to understand and respect each other is her passion.

Having completed a very hands-on and thorough 2-year dog training apprenticeship with now retired dog trainer Heather Barron, Aviva continues to educate herself by collaborating with other trainers, constant professional development and reading voraciously from all viewpoints.

Aviva follows many techniques and philosophies from trainers such as, but not limited to Dr. Ian Dunbar, Stanley Coren, and Turid Rugaas. Certified in Dog Safe Canine First Aid, Advanced Wilderness First Aid, Cross-Cultural Communication, Non-Violent Communication Facilitation, and Violence Prevention, rounds out her toolset.

Having so much experience with rescue dogs she appreciates the extra time and care required to rehabilitate and train dogs that have complex histories.  She continues to volunteer on a regular basis with local dog rescue organizations to help their pups become more adoptable.

Aviva focuses on helping dog owners understand what they need to do in order to create humane, respectful, and clear communication between them and their dog. The over arching goal for each client is to create a sense of a team between a dog and their family.  She absolutely loves her job and will do all she can to help you achieve your goals of having a dream dog, a dog you can take anywhere’.


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From our very first socialization class, our 9-week-old Otter knew Ruth was a safe person and she has loved her to pieces ever since! We were lucky enough to train with Ruth through Otter’s early puppyhood and we still see the benefits of that training: Otter, now fifteen months, has great recall, focus and absolutely LOVES tricks and games! We still use the techniques and training we learned from Ruth regularly, and Otter consistently follows our commands and hand signals. The best part is that we have solid communication with our dog. 

Julia Owner of Otter

Ruth Kasasian, Professional BabyDog Trainer

Ruth is a homegrown west coaster from Bowen Island, BC. who started with BabyDog as a volunteer and very quickly due to her obvious commitment, warmth and intuitive skill with the dogs moved into an official position working as an apprentice dog trainer.   

After an extensive 12 month apprenticeship with BabyDog Ruth now offers private one on one training for those with new puppies looking for basic obedience and behavior modification. Ruth has also developed new programs for BabyDog that focus on helping shy and timid dogs come out of their shell.  Her commitment to continual learning and education has proven to help countless puppy owners support their dogs to feel more confident in social situations and more obedient and well behaved in everyday life.  You will find Ruth leading BabyDogs regular Socialization Classes, Group Socialization Walks, Group Training classes as well as running our Puppy and Dog Walking Program.

Ruth is dedicated to making all training with BabyDog a positive, gentle, and fun experience for both pup and owner. She strives to give you the tools to develop, brick by brick, a solid, loving, and strong relationship built on guidance and understanding.  Her training is fun, educational and most importantly, empowering and effective.

A bit about Ruth’s background; She moved to Victoria in the spring of 2013, after having previously spent two and a half years in Alberta where she worked for Veterinary Simulator Industries. VSI is a company specializing in the development and production of anatomically correct animal training tools for veterinary students. These tools help to lower the number of live animals enduring the discomfort of early veterinary student training, also minimizing animal cadavers, and allowing students to repeat a procedure hundreds of times on the same “animal” or “animal organ.” It was very rewarding work, knowing she was making a difference in the lives of pets and livestock. While not at work, Ruth was dedicating her free time to AARCS rescue shelter, where she fed, walked, cleaned and socialized dogs and cats, as well as trained new volunteers.

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Dave Tomey, Tomey K9 Services

Dave owns his own dog training company however also sub contracts with BabyDog to help run some of the Socialization Classes, we love Dave and are so happy to have him as part of the BabyDog team.  Check out his website posted above and read below to learn more about him!

Dave is a Certified Master Dog Trainer and owner of Tomey K9 Services. Having completed his training at Canada West Canine Center in Salmon Arm, BC. He is certified in all facets of basic and advanced obedience, socialization, utility training, protection training, tracking, scent work and temperament testing. He is also DogSafe Canine First Aid certified.

His training services are personalized to your individual needs and is committed to being flexible to your schedule, helping you reach your goals and providing exemplary service before, during and after your training.

With owning two blue nose pit bulls (Ellie-May & Jax) he is very passionate about spreading awareness of how fun, loving and loyal pit bulls really are. He volunteers with Flirting with Fido and donates his time to help get a head start on obedience training for their rescues.

Dave is very passionate about dogs and is excited to help other Victoria canine lovers with all their training needs.



We are certified, licensed, insured and DogSafe Canine First Aid Certified

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