Aviva Shtull

Master Trainer and Company Co-Owner

Aviva is the proud co-owner of BabyDog and TomeyK9 Services, she is a mother, and has two dogs; a sensitive senior Mexican Border Collie mix named Turkey and a young feisty Pomeranian named Laila.

Aviva focuses on helping dog owners understand what they need to do in order to create humane, respectful, and clear communication between them and their dogs. The overarching goal for each of her clients is to create a sense of a team between a dog and their family. She is an expert at canine body language, behaviour and understanding what a dog needs to thrive. She is an educator and an absolute dog nerd. Her focus is on clear communication, empowering her clients and helping them and their dogs know exactly what to do. She absolutely loves her job and will do all she can to help you achieve your goals of having a dream dog, ‘a dog you can take anywhere’.

Aviva became a dog trainer by doing a very hands-on and thorough 2-year dog training apprenticeship with now-retired dog trainer Heather Barron. Aviva now continues to constantly educate herself by collaborating with other trainers and constant professional development through seminars, workshops, courses and research.

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