Board & Train!​

We’re now offering board and train services in partnership with the Puppy Love Pet Care Center in Victoria BC!

Your dog will get daily sessions with one of our master trainers, Dave Tomey or Aviva Shtull, on a schedule that works best for your dog’s energy level.

Canine Crash Course

Are you going out of town, or does your dog need some extra attention? We’re happy to announce our new offering of board and train. Each dog gets 5 training sessions per week in a program tailored to its needs.

Your pup will work with one of our master trainers. After your board and train, you’ll get 1 month of access to our online training platform ReadyDog. A refresher session is available on request, to be booked within 2-4 weeks of completing your Board & Train.

Please Note: We do not accept severe human reactivity or severe behavioural issues at this time – please see our Reactivity Training options here

Who is it for?

Those who’s dog would benefit from a more intense period of training sessions or who need a safe place for their dog to stay while away, and would like to include training in that time

Where is the board and train?

Our partner – Puppy Love Care Pet Care Centre – is located in a rural setting on five acres near Island View Beach and Provincial Park

Common training topics we address at the board and train:
  • Training is done during weekday stays
  • Training is available for any length of stay, single-night stays are available.
  • Five training sessions per week of stay
  • Training is done by master trainers Dave Tomey or Aviva Shtull
  • A refresher session is included where you and your dog come back to Puppy Love and our trainers show you what was worked on during the stay.
  • All stays get 1 month of access to our online training platform ReadyDog

Our partner – Puppy Love Care Pet Care Centre – is located in a rural setting on five acres near Island View Beach and Provincial Park. The property has been home to a boarding kennel for over 50 years. They are an exclusively individual boarding facility. Whether indoors or playing outside, dogs from different families are never mixed to reduce stress and eliminate the possibility of injury due to fighting or roughhousing.

As an additional service for your dog, Puppy Love offers Playschool. This 20-minute service gives additional individualized personal attention with one of their Social Directors in addition to your pet’s regular outside exercise times.

Your pet will be taken to the large 1/4 acre exercise yard for exercise, games, and treats. Playschool is great for all ages, and activities range dependent on your pet’s preferences.

  • Dogs are kept separate, including during exercise periods
  • Dogs from the same household can be boarded/exercised together
  • You must supply the food for the duration of your dog’s stay
  • Separate buildings for small, medium, and large dogs
  • Facility hours: Sunday/Monday 9-5, Tuesday-Saturday 9-6
  • Drop offs begin at 9am, and are spaced every 15 minutes to avoid waits

Standard Boarding Includes:

  • Private yard time 3x day

Gold Package Boarding Includes:

  • Private yard time 2x day
  • Playschool daily

Stay lengths are available from a single day/night to multiple months.

Training Price
(paid on reservation):

  • 1 Day/Night, 1x training – $150
  • 1 Week, 5x training – $750
  • 2 Weeks, 10x Training – $1,500
  • 1 Month, 20x Training – $3000

Boarding Price (paid on check-out):

  • Standard Boarding – $39/Day
    • Private yard time 3x day
  • Gold Package Boarding – $44/Day
    • Private yard time 2x day
    • Playschool daily

Could your dog benefit from a board and train program?

"What an amazing training experience!! My little Frenchie Otis had some bad experiences before he got to his forever home with me and I was at my wits end worrying about him and his intense anxiety & stress trying to put a collar on to take a walk. He had escalated to severe aggression from it.

I put him in the board & train program for help and after just a brief few sessions with Dave he is a completely different dog, happy & relaxed, excited to collar up and get out to sniff everything! He worked with me as a new dog mom just as much as he did with Otis which I appreciate. A million thank you's Dave!"

- Dora S -

Contact us to book a Board & Train!

Our board and train has limited availability. Once you’ve submitted the form below our Master Trainer Dave Tomey will be in touch with more information, and to make sure our service is the right fit foryour dog.