Tara has been a volunteer with Babydog for over 5 years and is very excited to
begin her journey as a Trainer with the company. Acting as our volunteer
coordinator, Tara has been involved heavily with the socialization programs for
many years.
Tara has personal experience with reactive dogs and, high energy, having 3 dogs at
home. She aims to help ensure owners help their dogs to begin their journey with a
positive and science-based approach to help ensure a healthy and happy co-
existence for life.
Tara began her journey with Babydog in 2018, when she brought her heeler Storm,
through the program. Immediately connecting to the concepts and practices with
the program, she began to volunteer shortly after beginning classes. She has
volunteered her time in various areas including obedience and pack walks, in
addition to, socialization. In 2019, she took on the role of volunteer coordinator for
the puppy socialization classes and manages our team of about 20 volunteers.
After considering a career in dog training for many years, she completed her
certification through ISCDT. Having a reactive dog, Tara has spent endless hours
and time learning as much as she could to ensure her dog Gambit has the best
quality of life but also isn’t a risk to others. Dog obedience and behavior has been a
huge part of Gambit rehabilitation. Through consistency and daily practice, she was
able to introduce a puppy to her pack and have Gambit immediately accept him.
Tara empathizes with all dog owners going through their own dog behavior
modification journey and wants to ensure the needs of you and your dog are heard
and addressed.
In addition to joining the Babydog/ Tomey K9 team, Tara is the co-owner and
director of a long-standing shoe business in the downtown Victoria core. Tara is
excited to challenge herself and help others through their dog ownership journey.

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