Danika Postle

Head Trainer

Danika has helped many clients achieve– and often exceed– their goals in her private sessions and group classes. She has a particular talent for behaviour modification for dogs with reactivity, aggression, and fear, and she has successfully rehabilitated countless dogs.

She strives to help owners truly listen to and understand their dogs, rather than “control” them, in order to create more meaningful and lasting behaviour change. She is committed to training without the use of fear, intimidation, coercion, or force, and empowering the dog by giving them the freedom of choice. Her warm, empathetic personality helps both owners and dogs feel at ease, and her classes are engaging, fun, and effective.

Danika is a scientist at heart: constantly curious, and fascinated by animal behaviour and learning. She is committed to ongoing education in order to stay current on the research and techniques at the leading edge of the dog training community. She has found her life and career changed by her own dog, and she thoroughly understands the joys and challenges of raising a high energy puppy, and the struggle of caring for a dog with reactivity, anxiety, and other behavioural challenges.

She started her training journey as a BabyDog/Tomey K9 client, then began volunteering with the company. After completing the Professional Trainer Program at the West Coast Canine Academy, she came on board as a trainer with BabyDog/TomeyK9, and is now a head trainer.

Danika wants to help you lose the frustration, and focus instead on strengthening the bond and the conversation between yourself and your dog.

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