Puppy Programs!

Get a head start on training with your puppy, our beginner and socialization programs are positive reinforcement, motivation, and rewards-based training sessions that focus on setting the groundwork for your dog’s success.

We recommend our Basic Obedience Group Classes and Puppy Socialization Classes to all new puppy owners.

Puppies are required to have their first and second set of vaccines, as well as their Bortadella (Kennel Cough).

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Basic Obedience Group Class
- $249

Our basic obedience group program is for dogs of any age that need basic obedience skills. 

Covers 10 Topics:

  1. Impulse control, focus, and patience training
  2. Basic dog psychology
  3. Loose leash walking and how to walk away from distractions
  4. Sit, Stay, Down
  5. Recall

Important Information

  • Cost for the four-week Group Basic Obedience Program is $249
  • This is a four-week program with a set curriculum, classes are 45 minutes long, once a week for four weeks (we will skip any holiday weekends)
  • We have a 4 dog maximum per class so we can make sure everyone achieves their goals. 
  • Up to 2 people per dog
  • All participants are required to show their dog’s proof of the first & second set of vaccines plus Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • These classes are held inside Bosley’s Pet Stores.

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Pre-registration required – view our cancellation policy

Puppy Socialization - $15

With the guidance and support of a qualified dog trainer, your pup will be supervised in an enclosure along with another pup that the trainer feels will be a good match for your dog.

Puppies are brought in to the pen in small groups (typically 2 or 4 at a time).

They are carefully chosen so that the puppies feel safe with each other.

Your puppy will:

  • Build confidence
  • Learn social skills
  • Develop muscles and coordination
  • Learn bite inhibition
  • Learn self control and patience
  • Learn to play appropriately
  • Learn to exist peacefully and respectfully around other dogs

Important Information

  • Pre-Register online by clicking the yellow button below
  • Rate — $15.00 + GST (pay during registration)
  • Duration — 30 minutes
  • Locations — Bosley’s Burnside, Eagle Creek, Admirals, Royal Oak, Yates, Colwood, Oak Bay, and Sidney
  • Participant Numbers
    Bosley’s Burnside: 6 puppies per class;
    Eagle Creek: 6 puppies per class;
    Admirals: 6 puppies per class;
    Royal Oak: 6 puppies per class;
    Yates: 4 puppies per class;
    Colwood: 6 puppies per class;
    Oak Bay: 6 puppies per class;
    Sidney: 4 puppies per class.
  • Age — Up to 8 months old
  • Bring — Proof of your pup’s first + second set of vaccines, plus proof of the kennel cough vaccine (Bordatella), and a leash.
  • Remember — Please don’t feed your pup right before class. A full tummy and excited play can lead to bloat.

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