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Meg Sorley

image of Meg

I have been drawn to dogs my whole life. As an empathetic person, I found comfort in our canine companions. I was that geeky kid who presented dog information to family members and ate dog treats because if dogs liked them then they MUST be good. Fast forward a few years and a couple dog … Read more



Tara has been a volunteer with Babydog for over 5 years and is very excited tobegin her journey as a Trainer with the company. Acting as our volunteercoordinator, Tara has been involved heavily with the socialization programs formany years.Tara has personal experience with reactive dogs and, high energy, having 3 dogs athome. She aims to … Read more

Rebecca Brook

Rebecca grew up surrounded by animals on her family’s farm in Saskatchewan. Her love for animals started in adolescence and continues to this day. After graduating VIU with a Bachelor of Interior Design, she started working in the design field and discovered it wasn’t a career she enjoyed. A long pandemic gave her time to … Read more

Alysha Ewing

Alysha is passionate about dogs and finds a great deal of joy and satisfaction in helping you and your dog learn and grow. Alysha is well educated in dog behaviour and training, she has her dog training certification through CATCH Canine Trainers Academy and also did an extensive apprenticeship through BabyDog and TomeyK9 Services. What … Read more

Karin Waugh

Karin, born and raised in Victoria, has always been destined to live a life surrounded by dogs. At age 14, she worked and saved her own money to purchase her first Bernese Mountain Dog. From there, the passion for all things “dog” had begun. With her own personal dogs, she enjoys doing competitive dog sports … Read more

Danika Postle

Head Trainer Danika has helped many clients achieve– and often exceed– their goals in her private sessions and group classes. She has a particular talent for behaviour modification for dogs with reactivity, aggression, and fear, and she has successfully rehabilitated countless dogs. She strives to help owners truly listen to and understand their dogs, rather … Read more

Emma Cilliers

Head Trainer Emma has been involved with animals for as long as she can remember. She has worked in the pet industry for 10 years, as a dog daycare attendant and as a veterinary technician. Emma is a graduate from the International Academy of Canine Trainers, a training school registered with the BC Ministry of … Read more

Aviva Shtull

Master Trainer and Company Co-Owner Aviva is the proud co-owner of BabyDog and TomeyK9 Services, she is a mother, and has two dogs; a sensitive senior Mexican Border Collie mix named Turkey and a young feisty Pomeranian named Laila. Aviva focuses on helping dog owners understand what they need to do in order to create … Read more

Dave Tomey

Master Trainer and Company Co-Owner Dave is a passionate, and extremely hard-working trainer and co-owner of BabyDog and TomeyK9. Dave offers expertise in training, behavioural modification and rehabilitation. Dave has two blue nose pit bulls (Ellie-May & Jax) which makes spreading awareness of how fun, loving and loyal pit bulls are, really close to his … Read more

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